Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Front page of Dawanda! - 2 items!

I kept getting all these lovely comments on Dawanda was wondering what was happening that everyone was finding me...

Took a look at the front page and there was not one, but two of my items featured there. Here's a snapshot!

See the aeroplane necklace - "fly me to the moon" (does anyone use the word aeroplane anymore..I always did in England...?!!) and birdfeeder necklace -"feed the birds"? Funny thing is, the plane isn't even listed for sale! I took it off a while ago.

Nice to get some exposure and comments!


Milica said...

I'm not surprised, because you have beautiful designed, original artwork and good photos :))

Peggy said...

Milica is right!
We love your items and you see - your customers do like them as well.
Keep going :-)

Ruth said...

Thank you both. Nice to see you on Dawanda too Milica. And how nice of you to come over and read my blog Peggy!