Friday, July 10, 2009

Collaborations - part 3

Here are the next phases of our collaborations. If you want to look back at how this started - scroll down to Wednesday's blog post.

Here's Marly's collage with a couple of additions my me:

Here's my "anyone" which Angie impailed with a wand in his hands (and tummy!) and a squiggle on his hat and then a loop through his head! Yes, she is cruel!

And here is Angie's split lentil (sounds like a soup!) which Marly chose to decorate one half of. Marly often uses three circles in her designs - and it seems highly appropriate as there were three of us doing our collaboration!

Angie and Marly are coming round tomorrow so we can finish our fired pieces - so look out for tomorrow's blog post to see our progress!


Beaded Zen said...

LOL @ Angie impailed with a wand in his hands (and tummy!)

I'm enjoying reading about the collaborations and excited to see how it all come together.

Ruth said...

LOL? Laughing out loud??? You should have been crying! Impailing is a nasty thing!!!!!!( :=D)