Monday, July 6, 2009

Anyone can kayak

Summertime - and time to get out on the water and do a little bit of paddling around..... and that's what my latest "anyone can" piece is showing you! Anyone can kayak.

My little anyone figure in his very own kayak, enjoying the peace and sunshine and water and activity.

We used to love kayaking in Florida when we lived in Sanibel. Kayaking in the bay and the dolphins would come and say hi, and the manatees...and birds.....and one day I saw a hammer head shark swim under the kayak.....Oh - it was such a great way to experience nature. Nowadays our kayak seems to stay in the shed waiting for a day out.....and envious of the canoe who sits in our tiny pond!

The pond is so small that you only need to paddle about once and you get to the end and have to turn around :=D So instead we sometimes take our cocktails in the canoe with us - go round in circles a few times, look out for the fish, otters, frogs, and birds and then cocktail hour is done!

Have you been out on the water yet this summer?

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Marbella Designs said...

That is one cute necklace. I haven't been out in the water yet, but my husband and son went ocean kayaking this past sunday. They ran into some seals, but no sharks thank goodness!