Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My two dear friends, Marly and Angie are visiting from Kitchener, near Toronto at the moment. I met them last year at the metal clay conference at Purdue. They visited last year and I'm happy to say they are back again now before they head off to the art clay conference next week. I've mentioned them before in my blog - they work together and their business is Studio 28.

So yesterday we decided to create together. I had an idea that maybe we should try and collaborate on pieces - so each of us starts a piece in our own style, then we pass it on to the next person to add their touch and then to the next person to finish it off!

Here's Angie hard at work (in between knocking her head on the low ceiling every 2 minutes!)

I also tried to instigate a time limit on each stage -but didn't get very far on that bit! So we each began a piece in a style we had done before and then the piece went on it's way. Sort of like a progressive dinner, we decided!!! I use slightly different clay from them, so our clays moved around too....

We all really enjoyed the experience. We each tried to stay true to our own style - but also stretched and challenged ourselves a little to fit in the style of the other two people.

Here's Marly checking out my textures and trying to decide which one to use:

The pieces were fired yesterday but aren't finished yet. We need to book some more time to do that together.

I'll show some photos of the different stages of our creations over the next couple of days so come back and take a look at how three artists can work together :=D - and have lots of laughs in process!

(PS And yes, these photos do show a rare glimpse of my studio! This is purely because M and A were coming so I knew I had to tidy it up to find some work surface for us all!!).


Anonymous said...

oh how fun, lucky you! can't wait to see the rest of your photos

Nicola said...

Love the studio glimpse and can't wait to see the clay-ations!

Ruth said...

I'll show more of the studio another time Nic. Thanks! It was a really fun experience.