Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Commissions - I

I am doing quite a few commissions right now - in fact, I have 10 on at the moment.

I'm doing a couple for the daughter of a friend. The daughter is getting married on the 1st August. They both came round to my studio a couple of weeks ago and looked at what pieces I had, then came up with two ideas.

Here's the first one:

You may well recognise the design as I have done another bunch of grapes like this a long time ago - but then it was smaller. Elizabeth saw those and asked that I make a larger version as her friend wears large pieces! So it's a biiiiiiig bunch of grapes! They are 6cm long from stalk to bottom - but as it hangs from an angle, it isn't quite that long.

It seemed pretty large when I'd done it - but when you hold it up, it works well, as the holes for the grapes don't make it bulky. I like it - think it works well at this size.

The wedding is here in Sonoma County - aka wine country - so I think it will be appropriate. I also "wrote" the date of the wedding on the back of the piece.

Seems so different from my style nowadays..........

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