Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th July Barbecue

Happy 4th of July everyone.

It's always a bit of an odd day for us Brits living in the US on the 4th....after all, you are celebrating your independence from us, so it sort of feels like we should stay out of the way??? ......but we try to get into the spirit of it.

This year we have been invited to a party but I don't think its going to be quite the all-American barbecue experience that you imagine.

Some new friends have invited us up to their home for the afternoon and we are looking forward to seeing them and some other mutual friends....But when you are invited to a 4th July BBQ, you imagine lots of burgers and hot dogs and barbecue sauce and baked beans and things like that.

These friends however are vegetarian so are serving grilled vegetables and grilled tofu! Hmm.. Don't get me wrong - we are grateful to be invited - but it doesn't quite go with the whole "image" of the day!

I was asked to make a pasta or potato salad so I've made a patriotic red, white and blue potato salad with red, white and blue potatoes! And no - I didn't put in some bacon like John asked me to!

We are also taking some of our wine and I'm sure the tofu will be delicious :-D

So enjoy the day - wherever you are and whatever you are eating and celebrating.

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