Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chill the champagne - it's picnic time!

A friend of mine in England asked me to make a picnic basket charm as a gift for someone. They had previously bought this person a real picnic basket and so thought the charm would be a nice accompaniment!

So I made a basket that will go on a jump ring so it can be attached to a charm bracelet...or worn as a they decide. I left one side of the basket open a little - encouraging you to peek inside and see what is there...

The weather is hot here - and I had a picnic yesterday - so maybe it's time for you to chill that bottle of something, pack up some delicious food in a picnic basket, pick up a blanket to sit on and head outside!

Have a good one - and hope the rain stays off!


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

So very cute. And love the open hatch. Whazzu got in dere anywayz?

Nicola said...

Is it a little bird inside??
What's in there ;)
Nic x

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

That's fantastic! What are the measurements? I used to be a miniaturist, you know. I love this!!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the comments. As to what is in there - you'll have to peek in and take a look!! Always a surprise!!

Ruth said...

Hi Bev
I know, it's always interested me that you went from miniatures to metal clay! When I saw some of your miniature on your blog I thought you should do them in silver! I've just mailed it off so I can't measure the dimensions but the size was about 2cm long.