Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

It's Saturday - so time for my weekly bird in the hand - the things I am grateful for:

Photo by PinkStock Photos! 
  • The metal clay community.  We visited Mexico city this week and while there, I managed to meet up with a metal clay friend - Rosa Martha!  How amazing that I can be miles from home and still manage to feel part of the metal clay community. Rosa Martha and I did our certification program together a few years ago, and then met up again a couple of years ago at the PMC conference.  Maybe we will meet again this year in July.....  Great to see you Rosa Martha.  How wonderful to have such a group of friends with a common interest all over the world.
  • Mexico bus service - we took a First class bus from Mexico City back to Queretaro last night. It was wonderful! So comfortable, showed movies (albeit in Spanish), and efficient too.  I think we might be using the buses again while we are here!
  • My parents.  Had to say goodbye to my parents  yesterday as they flew back from Mexico city to England. We had such a good time with them  and they were real troupers - giving everything a try! Poor dad even tried food poisoning on his last night here!  An experience he could have done without. Hope you are feeling better dad. Miss you both already xx.
  • My friend Sharon.  Unfortunately I heard this week that my friend Sharon from Sonoma died.  I got to know her while on the board of the Sonoma Newcomers.  She was lovely vibrant person with so much style and joy!  I will miss you Sharon - as will so many other Newcomers.
  • Guacomole.  I just love it! Could eat it every day!
  • The opportunity to try so many new things in such a short time - from encaustics, to clay sculpture, to acupuncture (receiving not giving!!! :=D), to........
Hope your life is as rich as mine is!


vilterietje said...

what a beautiful bird in the hand this week. sorry for your friend sharon, may she rest in peace. love, riet:)

Ruth said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts Riet. xx