About Me

I was born in England and moved to the US 14 years ago. The idea was that I'd just come for a year - but I kind of forgot to go home! We do try and visit family and friends back there twice a year however - so don't have chance to feel homesick! After living on the east coast for a while, then Sanibel in Florida, we are now happy in Northern California - the wine country. We have a small vineyard and grow merlot grapes which we mainly sell but keep a ton each year for our own wine. It is a beautiful place to live and as this is where we feel home is,  in 2010 we became US citizens!

After spending many years working as a scientist, since moving to CA, I am now loving life in the creative world making jewelry. As a lover of games and surprises, my work has a whimsical nature to it. Each piece begins with a positive emotion or mood and then adds a touch of character to create jewelry that does more than adorn, but lifts your spirits too.

 Through the use of metal clay I create three dimensional pieces that invite the observer to look closer and understand the message in the piece and see how it relates to their own experiences.

My miniature sculptures layer a simplicity of design with an appreciation of human spirit and nature.

I also work in color anodized aluminum or colour anodised aluminium!!!  It's love to find a way to bring color into my work and I enjoy combining it with my little silver sculpture.

My hope is that my pieces will make you smile.

I sell my creations on the web at my own website www.BirdlandCreations.com and on Etsy and Dawanda.

Contact me at ruthebaillie@mac.com