Bird a week challenge

For 2011 I decided to give myself  a challenge of creating a different bird each week, using any media at all.  I let some friends know about, and blogged about it, and now there is a group of over 25 of us, all doing the challenge.  To see everyone's birds, you can go to our flickr group:

Here are my birdies so far:
BAW 40. Warning: Low flying bird. Steel.

BAW 39. Life is good in the dog house. Paper clay, wood, acrylic paints, felt.

BAW 38. Harold singing. Steel.

BAW 37. Last baby bird of summer. Bronze.

BAW 36. Dan and Magnolia. Steel.

BAW 35. Peek-a-boo. Bronze.

BAW 34. Time for me to fly. Steel
BAW 33. You crack me up. Steel clay - cracked on firing

BAW 32. Happiness. Color anodized aluminum.

BAW 31. Create. Color anodized aluminum

BAW 30. Jump for joy. Silver.

BAW 29. Enjoy the journey. Color anodized aluminum
BAW 28. Perched. Color anodized aluminum
BAW27. Bathtime at Birdland. Silver.

BAW 26. Gouda the happy bird. Cheese and carrot.
BAW 25. Garden seat. Color anodized aluminum

BAW 24. Come fly with me. Color anodized aluminum

BAW 23. Dorothy. Paper clay and acrylic paints.

BAW 22. Waddle and Toboggan Penguins. Eggplant and carrot.

BAW 21. Great blue heron. Plasticine

BAW 20. Songbirds. Silver

BAW 19 - Feed Me!! Silver.

BAW 18 - Expectant Robin. Needle felting.

BAW 17 - Rustling through the leaves. Color anodized aluminum and silver.

BAW 16 - Under our wings. Silver.

BAW 15 - Break Out!. Silver, twigs, real bird's egg, resin, gold (keum boo)

BAW 14 - Quentin Quail relaxes in the garden. Color anodized aluminum and silver.

BAW 13 - Quentin quail strolls in the garden. Colour anodised aluminium and silver.

BAW 12 - Teeny weeny bird. Air dry clay.

BAW 11 - Rare bird sighting. Silver.

BAW 10 - Proud Mum. Paper clay and acrylics.

BAW 9 - Remember the little things. Silver.

BAW 8 - Henry the heron. Silver.

BAW 7 Bluebird of happiness. Silver and resin.

BAW 6 With love. Printing - ink on paper from carved lino

BAW5 - Bird in the hand. Wax for bronze casting.

BAW4 - Sitting Pretty. Color anodised aluminum.

BAW 3 - Love bird. Encaustics

BAW 2 - Girl with a bird in her hair. Ceramic clay.

BAW1 - Screaming eagle. Pencil on paper