Friday, January 7, 2011

Bird a week #1 - Screaming Eagle

As you may have read this week in my blog, I've started a little challenge this year - maybe not so little???

It is to make a different bird each week.  I've opened up the challenge to others and so far there is a nice group of us starting out - using any media - with the goal of making/creating 52 different birds in 2011.

I started a drawing class here in San Miguel and so thought I'd try drawing a bird as my week one birdie. As I've never studied drawing before and am a complete beginner, the teacher has had me drawing Mexican dolls and pots/jugs etc using vine charcoal.   She is very encouraging and supportive so - getting carried away a little - I thought for my bird week 1 challenge, I'd try something new at home and give pencil drawing a go.

The result is "Screaming Eagle" - a birdie who looks a little angry - but I think he is just enjoying a little scream!

What do you think?  I'm encouraged to do more birds and will take this one to class today and see what the instructor has to say.  Maybe I'll be brave enough to work on some birds there and move on from pots/jugs!!

If you want to see what the other members of our "bird a week" group have done for their first weekly challenge, click on the links below.

It's not too late to join our challenge - in fact you can join any time of the year.  Or if you know someone else who might be interested - do pass on the info.

If you are playing along in our Bird a week challenge, please add your link to your to your blogpost (NOT your blog please) or Flickr photo. Click on the button below and fill in your name with the link to your blogpost or Flickr picture. This is a blog hop so you can put the list on your blog too.Just follow the directions below.


vilterietje said...

hi ruth! well now i can sign in, but i have no idea how to pu a photograph on flickr. next week i'll try again. have a nice weekend. love, riet:)

Patty Biermans said...

I'm impresed~! Your first bird is very impressive. He (is it a he?)looks very sure of himself. I'm curious what kind of caracter you draw next time. Hugzz...Peebee

Florcita said...

waaaaa it started already! wait! Which day do we post? do you have a list we link around??
I join next week then... completely forgot!

Ruth said...

No worries Mariana. You start whenever you've done your first bird!!There is a blog list of who is involved but I like your idea of a link around. I'll look into that and see how feasible that will be.
Look forward to you first bird when you've caught your breath!

vilterietje said...

great bird and nice technic you used, you inspired me!
i'm still struggling with the flickr, but will ask a friend to help me, till that time i'll send mine tot you.
love, riet:)

Vickie Hallmark said...

Great idea on the blog hop, Ruth! But you need to add your own blog post into the list, as it doesn't appear on my page.

Ruth said...

I was a little slow there! Thanks Vickie! I headed out of the house all excited at adding the hop and then realize that I wouldn't be on it!!! Thanks for joining in!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Hey did the link! Wow, thanks

DVArtist said...

I love the screaming eagle. Looking forward to seeing all the birds.