Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Flowers or Ice cream flavors?

Spring in San Miguel begins next week - on February 2nd - my birthday! So today I finished a couple of "spring flower" aluminum bangles ready for spring.

Happy cheerful colors.  I also did a bird bracelet - ready for my "bird a week" challenge so I'll show that tomorrow.

Are you ready to think of spring yet?  It's lovely and sunny here - cool mornings and evenings but the afternoons are delightful - sunny, ice cream sort of weather.  It seems that San Miguel has become an ice cream place for me. I normally don't eat ice cream - only occasionally when I make it myself - but in the square there is this one ice cream maker whose ice cream is just divine.  Hmmm, maybe these are ice cream bangles, not spring flower bangles....tutti frutti and blueberry freeze!!!    What do you think? Spring flowers or ice cream?


vilterietje said...

definitfly ice cream colours. my favourite flavour is fudge ice cream! love your bangles:)

Florcita said...

How I wish Spring was starting here soon!!!! Lucky you!
Looove ice cream!