Thursday, January 13, 2011

The pigeon who didn't want curly hair!

Did your mother tell you that if you didn't eat your crusts from your sandwiches, you wouldn't get curly hair?  Mine did, but it didn't work!  I still have straight hair!

I think this pigeon wants to keep his feathers straight - so is working hard at avoiding the crust! What do you think? 

Thanks Jennifer, for sending on the photo to me!!!


vilterietje said...

i never ate crusts, and my hair is curly. great picture, wonder how he did it? love, riet:)

My Computer Tutor said...

Yes! My mother told me that too. And if I didn't eat greens I wouldn't get 'roses in my cheeks'! And if I swallowed plum stones a plum tree would grow out of my head.

Ruth said...

Roses in your cheeks! How sweet picturing you as a little boy with roses in your cheeks! So glad you didn't swallow those plum stones.
And Riet, I'm jealous of your curly hair! All those crusts I struggled through and for no joy!! :-D