Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cactus grow everywhere!

The cactus grow everywhere around here! After my close encounter with one while I was horse-riding - I keep a warchful eye out for them - but as I'm not inclined to walk on the roof, I think I'll be safe from these!!


Florcita said...

how cool is that roof! I love cactuses... I actually love drawing them too... very pretty.
When I was a kid...3 yrs old I think, Im told, I was riding along in my tricycle and I wandered into my grandfather's "forbidden" garden. It was forbidden for us kids because it was a cactus garden in the middle of the park he had. And what would you know... tricycle tipped over and I fell -MOUTH OPEN- on top of a cactus... Mom spent a few hours taking thorns out of everywhere... tongue included.

vilterietje said...

we don't even see cacti on the ground, but never on the roof, great. beware!!!! love, riet:)

Ruth said...

Ah Mariana! That sounds awful!! I know when I got the spikes in my leg after horseriding the other week - it was really painful. I can't imagine going head first into one! And pulling them out of your tongue! A horror story!!! I bet your mum never forgot it too!!
I think the birds had something to do with these cactus on the roof! I thought it was a great look!