Monday, January 24, 2011

The Aztecs

The Aztecs are still very evident in Mexico City.  After visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral in the Zocalo district, we found many Aztecs at their market stalls nearby.  This area, by the cathedral, is a vast open plaza that was once the ceremonial center of Aztec life.  What colorful people! And how happy they all looked as they danced.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that we didn't sample the typical Aztec foods however - which we saw both in Mexico City and in some restaurants in San Miguel.  It includes such delicacies as escamoles (ant eggs), chapulines (crispy fried crickets) or gusanos (worms of the maguey cactus),  rolled up in a fresh tortilla and eaten live with salt and lime.  I blame my dad. He had food poisoning from the night before from just eating chicken so it didn't encourage us to be adventurous!!

Any of you eaten the eggs or worms before?  Lorena - is it one of your favorite dishes??? :-D


Lorena Angulo said...

Love your posts !!!
I have to confess I have eaten ants and worms. They were all deep fried !! ;D
My father tried to make me eat chapulines but I just could not do it!!!
Happy you are visiting this magical places !

Ruth said...

Ha! I had a feeling you would have tried them!! Very disappointed you didn't try the crickets - nor didn't try the worms and ants live!!! ;-) ...but I guess there is still time for both of us!!!

vilterietje said...

loveyour photo's! must be a once in a lifetime expirience you're having! enjoy and eat whatever you want to eat. love, riet:)