Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Join the Bird A Week challenge

Want to challenge yourself?  Why not join my "Bird a Week" challenge for 2011.  The goal is to create a different bird each week, using any media you like.

It is a personal challenge - no strict rules, no police - just a way to encourage us to keep those birdies coming - and hopefully end up with 52 different birds each at the end of year and a greater appreciation of birds!

I have formed a flickr group -  Bird a Week - where we can all post our weekly photos of our creations and also a list of blogs for those of us who may blog about what we are doing and what others in the group are doing.

If you yourself don't make/create birds and know someone who does - please forward along the link to them. It would be nice if we had a group of us working together. Thanks for spreading the word. Any media works.

Get birding!

Any questions, just let me know.


Phoenix said...

I might be begging for a breakdown but this looks fun! I like birds and I've wanted to figger out how to make one . . . k . . . talked myself into it! I'm in! :)

Joy Funnell said...

I think I shall give this a try. It will be fun to see if I can manage to keep it up. Thanks for the challenge.

Joy x

Ruth said...

Yeah Phoenix! So glad you've joined us. Welcome to the group. No need for breakdowns, we'll just have fun.

Ruth said...

Oh good, Joy. I was going to email you and ask if you wanted to join in! Can't wait to see what birdies you come up with!

Joy Funnell said...

I think I have only ever made one item with a bird on. I can't seem to get the shapes right! Maybe after 52 tries I will get there!!! Watch out for some strange birdies ;-)

Ruth said...

But I had this feeling you might be up for a challenge Joy! And birds do come in all shapes and size and weird and wonderful ways in our heads!

Paper Bagley said...

Bird Bird birds the word...I'll take the challenge...Tootsie

Itaya Art said...

Oh! I love painting birds! I'm in!! :)