Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teotihuacan Pyramids

On the way to Mexico city with my parents this week, we stopped to see the Teotihuacan Pyramids.

Our trip there began with some Papantla Flyers - "Voladores de Papantla".  This is a group of 4 men dressed in traditional Indian costume gathering around the top of a tall pole.  They climb the pole and one plays a flute. Then they all "fly" down the pole, supported by a rope connected to their ankle.  The guy with the flute keeps playing all the while.

The origins of Teotihuacan are uncertain but it is thought that construction of the city started in the first two centuries BC.  The civilization reached its high point around 500 AD.  One of the great mysteries is that no one then knows where the huge population that lived there eventually ended up.

The original city was about 10 square miles but the ruins are now about one square mile.  There is citadel, the main avenue "Calzada de los Muertos", Templo de Quetzalcoatl and two large pyramids - Piramide del sol and Piramide de la luna. 

The citadel, city and avenue of the dead
The pyramid of the sun is the third largest pyramid in the world.  You can climb to the top of it - so both John and I did that. Mum started the climb but felt a little uneasy without handrails. And dad stayed at the bottom taking photos!  The climb wasn't too bad - easier than I had thought - and the views at the top - along with a nice breeze, were definitely worth it.

The sun pyramid
The moon pyramid
It was a great place to stop so if you are ever in Mexico city - make sure you take in the pyramids.
They are only 30 miles northeast of the city.....While that sounds like nothing, it wasn't quite our experience however, as it does help if your driver knows where he is going!    Hours later....we arrived at our hotel in the city - all with crooked necks from trying to peer out of the van to look for signs to at least the district we wanted! But that's another story.......


Patty Biermans said...

Reading your story I think that you are having a great time. Making the trip with your parents, you lucky girl!! Enjoy your stay and let us read more! ;-)Hugzzz...Peebee

Lorena Angulo said...

Beautiful !!
I loved visiting this place when I was a kid.
Los Voladores de Papantla are incredible !!
Be safe and keep enjoying my country!!

Ruth said...

You are right Peebee! We are having a great time. So many new sights, classes, experiences....And 10 more days to go...

Ruth said...

Hi Lorena. Yes - we loved seeing los voladores de Papantla. We had heard about them as they sometimes come to San Miguel d.A but hadn't seen them. I love the way one of them kept playing his flute all the way down, upside down! We are so enjoying your country!

Ruth said...

Lorena - where else should we be going? Is there somewhere we should definitely not miss????? Any hints, ideas always gratefully received xxx

Lorena Angulo said...

Are you in Mexico City now?
You must go to the wonderful Museums.