Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Bird in the Hand

My first "weekly bird in the hand" post of the new year :- the things I am grateful for this week:

Photo by jurvetson
This is an easy one - and while I am grateful for many things this week so the list could be long - there is one significant one so I'll keep it to only one item.

On the 6th January, my nephew Matt was 16 years old!  It seems impossible - where have all those 16 years gone?  So my bird in the hand this week is Matt!  I am grateful for all the joy, love, entertainment, fun, laughs, conversations, etc he has given.  What a wonderful nephew.

To think that 16 years ago, you were like that little bird in the nest! Now look at you!!!

Love you loads xxxx

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vilterietje said...

it sometimes seems that someone snipps the fingers and years go by! time flies while you're living.
love, riet:)