Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first ceramics sculpture class

As I said in my New Year post, I want to try lots of new things this year and be more experimental. To that end, this week I've tried my first ceramic sculpture class!

Not content with starting with some easy, we went straight to the human head and face!!!

It was so much fun. The teacher Rita was a delight and I loved getting my hands into that thick clay!! It was also nice to know that the clay left on my hands wasn't silver and could be washed away without another thought!!

I'll be going back for a few more classes to finish this lady off and who knows what elaborate things she'll end up with. I'll take photos and show you her progress - whether good or bad!

And yes, the little support under her chin is only while she dries! Similarly - she won't always have a pole sticking out of the top of her head - but you get the impression!!!


vilterietje said...

wonderfull sculpture, and it's a real great feeling to create something with your hands (and get rid of the rubbish afterwards hihi)! love, riet:)

Lorena Angulo said...

wow !!
This is wonderful Ruth !!