Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3/52 Bird a week - Love bird

I did an encaustics class with my mum this week.  You'll see the first painting I did in an earlier blog post but just before the end of the class, I asked the teacher about adding metal leaf to the paintings.  She had some aluminum leaf and so I quickly use the last few minutes we had to make my bird for this week.

Love Bird
The lime green is the beeswax with pigment and resin which I applied in a few layers.  I fused each layer and then scraped it flat with a razor blade.

I asked the teacher if I could cut up the metal leaf - which was actually aluminum.  She said she had only ever applied it whole - as a square on the backing material.  I had nothing to lose, so decided to cut out shapes of aluminum leaf and apply it to the solid green wax.

To do this, I had to warm the wax a little, apply the leaf and press/brayer. Then you add water and gently rub off the backing sheet. It worked just fine with the shapes of metal leaf - no problem at all. I then fused the leaf to the wax and over-fused the birdie to try and get a crackle effect in the metal to indicate a feathery feel. The result is:  Love bird or I love birds or ???

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vilterietje said...

love the bird, what a special technic! love, riet:)

Florcita said...

Sounds like an interesting process the one of encaustics, Ĺove the textures you achieved!

Ruth said...

Yes, encaustics was fascinating. I loved the way that it could change as you worked and you could go with the flow and change a long with it or if you didn't like it - you just scrape it off! I didn't scrape any of mine off -I just kept going and wondering where it would end up! Such a fluid process. I'm planning on doing a 3D encaustics class while I'm here too...So watch this space!