Monday, May 9, 2011

Feed Me!!!

My lovely customer Gail, whom I've mentioned before in this blog, asked me to make her a necklace depicting hungry baby birds in a nest.   Unlike hungry baby birds, she has been very patient in waiting for me to make it!

Here they are! Their names are Ravenous, Famished and Starved!

I first attempted the necklace a few weeks ago, sculpting it in white bronze, but the whole piece melted in the kiln.  Rather than try white bronze again, I just did it in silver! Silver clay is just so much easier!

Anyhow, after Gail had seen my Master Muse "break out" piece, she said she wanted it similar to that but no eggs and with more than one little bird! This time I wanted to make the nest out of metal clay too, unlike the master muse where it is made from twigs.

I hope she has a lot of food to keep them fed well, as I know from watching and hearing the baby birds here at Birdland,  that their cries for food aren't just at breakfast, lunch and dinner time -but all day long!!!  Three hungry, and fast growing birds need a lot of insects and worms!  So get busy Gail, and get some food to these little guys!!!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet necklace! And aren't you about to have a visit from my two favorite Canadians? Have fun!

Ruth said...

Yes, they arrived in CA today but travel further south until we meet up on Sunday! Can't wait!!:-D

Sue McNenly said... lovely....are Marly and Angie visiting? As per their last post, you must come highly recommended/qualified to be such a good friend:)

Love your piece... I think I'll stick to my wire and moss nests...that one looks like a LOT of work! You did a great job!

vilterietje said...

they are lovely, feel like feeding them:)