Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly bird in the hand

Today's list of things I'm grateful for this week - my bird in the hand:

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  • My friends Angie and Marly who have been staying with me this week and will remain here when we go back to England tomorrow, to take care of Harold (my parrot)
  • Great old movies. We all went to see Lawrence of Arabia on Monday night.  Gosh - what a long movie!  Nearly 3 3/4hours long!!!  Good old Peter O'Toole!
  • Dr Fuhrman's book - "Eat for Health".  A wonderful inspiring book.  I highly recommend it.  
  • Green smoothies!  Yummy! One of the recommendations in Dr Fuhrman's book.  I love the fun of making up different combinations of fruits and greens, depending on what I have on hand.   My favorites all seem to have lots of celery in them!  I think celery could become somewhat of an obsession.
  • My new Vitamix! Obviously this came along to help with the green smoothies, but is already busy making other things too!
  • Taking time before reacting.  A little nap one afternoon this week helped me find my way through a difficult situation, resulting in my not taking action.  I'm hoping it is the right decision.
  • Friends who support my singing.  My quintet Vajra Voices is singing in SF this evening and three of my girlfriends are all coming along to listen.
  • Singing with my parrot Harold.
Yes, we head back to the UK tomorrow for a couple of weeks to catch up with family.  We'll see how my daily blogging fits into the schedule while I'm away!!!  Hope you had a good week this week.

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vilterietje said...

at the time you make a desission it's always the right one!
and maybe we will meet in the uk, you never know, because i'll be in scotland from the 9th till the 23th.
have a great holiday:)