Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Transformation bangle

I don't consider myself a butterfly person. In fact, I don't think I've ever created anything which included a butterfly - but today, all that changed! I think it was my hike on Saturday where we saw so many black swallowtails.  They really lift your spirits.  And so, here is my first butterfly piece!!

The symbolism of butterflies is all about transformation, as the caterpillar -  a somewhat creepy crawly thing, undergoes metamorphosis to become this beautiful flying delight.

Does this mean I'm ready for a change? What about you?  Is something new happening in your life and you need to change to adapt?


Sue McNenly said...

My goodness! You are a creative machine these days!!! Love it....you did a great job with the drawings.

Ruth said...

Thanks Sue. I'm having a good day today!Hope you are too.

vilterietje said...

butterflies allways remind me of the ones that passed away:)