Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

Here is this week's list of things I am grateful - my "bird in the hand":

Photo by OakleyOriginals
  • My husband - it was his birthday on Tuesday
  • My Dad - it is his birthday today - Happy Birthday Dad!  (that's Peter who used to write my guest blog each Sunday).
  • Seeing a great blue heron on our pond with a massive frog in his beak! He looked kind of proud of his catch but also a little concerned as the frog was so big, it wasn't easy to see how he would get it down his throat!
  • Fun dinners and lunches out with friends - happened quite a few times this week :-D
  • My nephews' cat coming home from the vet OK.
  • Fresh asparagus.
  • Getting a new drill press for my studio!
  • All the spring flowers in full bloom in the garden.
  • Spending a day by the ocean and having all the cobwebs blown away!!
  • Being included in friends celebrations like we are family.
  • Seeing a tiny baby deer with all his spots
  • Anticipation of friends coming to stay
Gosh - lots of things this week!  It's been a full and fun week. Hope yours has too.


vilterietje said...

asparagus!!!!!!!!! llove it with just some butter, hard boiled eggs crumbled in butter and chopped parsley m...........jammy:)

Ruth said...

I love asparagus anyway I can get it!