Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet my followers: Trisha

For this Sunday's "meet my followers" post, I want to introduce you to Trisha Ginter. 

I first "met" Trisha quite a few years ago when I opened a store on "Smashing Darling" - an online independent fashion store. She co-created Smashing Darling for independent fashion designers in the US to sell their designs.

She is herself an independent fashion design of a clothing line called MerGirl, inspired by everyday things she sees in life.  She is also a part owner of a boutique in Williams, in Chester, CT called FROCK.

She was most encouraging when I first joined Smashing Darling and truly believes in promoting others and building up a community of "creatives".  I've enjoyed all my correspondences with her - she has a lovely spirit in all she does.

If you don't know Smashing Darling, it's a great online store - for both buying and selling.   And you know you will always be cared for by both Trisha.  And you can find Trisha clothes for sale there too!

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vilterietje said...

man! what a great designer! and what a guts to go and do your job that way, love it:)