Wednesday, May 4, 2011

18/52 Bird a week challenge - Expectant Robin

I was sat on the window seat in my studio yesterday, talking to my mum on the phone.  She mentioned some felt work she had seen that day...and I looked straight ahead and saw my "felt" drawer, full of wool roving that I hadn't touched in ages.

A few years ago, I did a lot of felting but that was knitting and then wet felting to make bags. I had tried a teeny weeny bit of needle felting back then too - so I decided that for this week's Bird a Week, I would use felt as my media. 

 So meet needle-felted "Robin" - patiently waiting on her nest for her three little blue eggs to hatch.

You can see that Robin is a British Robin, not an American Robin. No, they don't have different accents - but they look very different from each other!!! Here are the two types:

British Robin

American Robin
While I like both robins, the British one seems so cute and plump and round!  And he adorns so many Xmas cards!  A totally different shape than the American. I think mine should have had a more plumped up red breast to be honest...but never mind!!!

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vilterietje said...

is it wetfelted or needlefelted?