Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meet my followers: Suzanne

Today, in my "meet my followers" post, I want to introduce you to Suzanne Carpenter.  She is a follower of my blog but we've never been in touch so the information I'll share with you here is what I've learned from her websites.  I'm so glad I've found her - her work is so happy and cheery :-D

Suzanne is an illustrator who lives in Wales.  Apparently she loves to talk but does occasionally sit quietly drawing and doodling. She began doing collage.....moved through a sequin and bead phase, then back to collage and then one day found the computer and started creating digital pictures!

She still does some collage work and hasn't given up her glue stick but most of her work is now digital.

I think this is Suzanne below!:

I love how she uses her illustrations to guide you around her website - like birds to tell you what to do:

She creates picture books, portraits, patterns, all with these wonderful vibrant colours.

She also offers workshops for libraries and schools.

Here are some of the childrens' books she has illustrated that are available on Amazon:

Her work just makes me smile! Delightful illustrations to please both children and adults.  I'm so pleased I have started my "meet my followers" regular blog posts as it makes me find time to look at the fun creativity of others.  So glad to have found your happy world Suzanne.


Kristi Bowman said...

I love her work!! I'm so happy you shared her with us, I'm going to go follow her now.

Ruth said...

Hi Kristi. So glad you like her work too. The colors seem brighter on her website - not sure why mine dulls them a little - but still that happiness shines through :=D

vilterietje said...

what a lovely artist, thanks ruth for showing her work:)