Monday, May 16, 2011

Impatiens flowers

There are approximately 1,000 species of impatiens flowers.  Today, I created the 1,001th species  in color anodized a pretty peach/soft salmon color!

An interesting and unique feature of impatiens is the explosive nature of the seed pods.  Under extreme pressure, the ripe pods explode when they are disturbed!  This can scatter the seeds as much as 20 feet! So watch out next time you disturb one - you might get splattered with seeds!  Luckily, this ring doesn't include explosive seeds!!!...hmm...but that's an interesting idea:-D

The impatiens flower symobolizes "motherly love".  It does seem like a "motherly" flower doesn't it!  They are always a wonderful addition to the garden, and come in so many different colors.

 Have you planted any impatiens yet this year?


Zoe Nelson said...

Around here, the wild impatiens are called "Touch-me-nots" by the locals. The juice from the stems is a good remedy for poision ivy.

Tweed Delights said...

This really caught my eye Ruth - really pretty! (Have sent you an e-mail BTW)
Alison x