Friday, May 13, 2011


Gosh - I missed blogging yesterday as Blogger was down all afternoon and evening.  I had something to write about, and it felt odd not being able to share it!  Shows how much I enjoy my blogging.

Anyhow, yesterday I made a new style of earrings that I wanted to show you -  Periwinkles.

I love periwinkle flowers and while these earrings aren’t the exact shape of periwinkle flowers, they are periwinkle in colour.

Yes, periwinkle is not only a flower, but also a color, and a snail.

Another interesting fact about periwinkle flowers – also called myrtles, is that the Madagascar periwinkle is used to make Vinblastine, a drug that treats Hodgkin’s disease and childhood leukemia.  See, my old pharmacologist life does come into my jewelry!!!

We have some periwinkles growing near the mail boxes on our lane.  It’s such  pretty color. That delicate combination of blue and purple.

These earrings are colored anodized aluminum. I printed the flowers first, then sawed them out, riveted a leaf onto each and then put them on the ear wires. Hope you like them.


vilterietje said...

love them, great, só cute:)

Anonymous said...

These periwinkles are really sweet! I like the riveted leaf coming from the back. The colors work so well together. They look like they would be lightweight and fun to wear.