Wednesday, May 11, 2011

19/52 Bird a week challenge - Feed Me!

This week's bird is entitled "Feed Me!".  Sorry if you are a regular reader of my blog as I showed you this necklace on Monday.  But as it's the only bird I've done this week, it has to be my bird a week!.

Actually it's three little baby birds, hungry for food in their nest.

I was reminded of my necklace today after my aqua aerobics class.  A few of us were in the hot tub and a tiny baby bird was following his mother around, making constant little cries and his mouth was open all the time. The babe was very young - no tail feathers - and the mother was also caring for other babies still in the nest as she kept hopping back there to feed and hush their cries, then come back to the little one on the ground.

It was lovely to see both parents hard at work, coping with the constant "feed me" cries!!!

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