Wednesday, May 18, 2011

20/52 Bird a week challenge - Songbird

My bird a week challenge this week is my best selling bird - The Songbird necklace.  I made two of them this week.

It's actually not difficult to become my "best seller" as most pieces I make are either one of a kind or small limited edition (up to 5).  There are only four items that I make in quantity - my songbird necklace, my songbird ear threads, my flower ear threads and my "missing piece" bracelet.

The songbird design was the second bird I ever made...quite a few years ago now.  I remember my very first bird had shoes on as I couldn't figure out how to do feet!  Then the songbird was easy as he didn't even have legs!!! It's interesting to see how our "limitations" affect our designs!!!

To check out the other birds that have been made this week as part of the BAW challenge, click the links below:

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vilterietje said...

realy, realy, realy cute:)