Wednesday, July 20, 2011

29/52 Bird a week - Enjoy the journey

For my 29th week - ie my 29th bird this year...... I made an inspiration bangle in aluminum. I have been playing with some fonts and thus decided to try words on a bangle..with a soaring bird also.

The bird flies in the center of the bangle and the words are:
  • enjoy the journey
  • discover
  • explore
  • escape
  • experience

I think it would make a nice gift - maybe even to oneself, to remind you not to get bogged down with the minutiae but to explore and discover.

I hope you'll take time to discover what the others who are also on this year long challenge with me have created.  Here are the links:

1 comment:

Vickie Hallmark said...

Love this, Ruth! Escape...ah, yes.