Friday, July 1, 2011

Four funerals and a wedding.

This past year - from July 3rd 2010 to July 2nd 2011 has been a year of "four funerals and a wedding".  It started on a high note with my cousin Caroline getting married here at our home on July 3rd 2010.  What a wonderful day that was. Unfortunately, since then we've had 4 funerals, which culminated in a memorial service today for a dear friend of ours, which I was honored to sing at.

It would have been much more preferable if the year had been like the wonderful movie "four weddings and a funeral"...but alas, that didn't happen.

However, I have high hopes for this coming year beginning July 4th....let's start again and see some happy times with maybe weddings, new births, some big anniversaries, some fun birthday celebrations  and many other happy occasions. Fingers crossed....... We've had enough funerals!

The photo I share with you is one of my favorites that I took at Caroline and Jamie's wedding, where they released white doves in the vineyard.  Here's to more happy days like that and "Happy Anniversary" to both of them.


vilterietje said...

happy anniversary to them too!
i hope they will have a log and happy mariage like ours. today we celebrate our 40th anniversary, and still happy together:)

Ruth said...

Many congratulations Riet on your 40th - Ruby - wedding anniversary. Have a lovely day together.xx