Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Give a little love

You've got to give a little love, take a little love
Be prepared to forsake a little love
And when the sun come shining through
We'll know what to do-oo...

Do you remember the song?  Does this really date me?? Yes, it was the Bay City Rollers.  For some reason, I remember my sister and I at a bus stop in Grantham (where we used to live), singing this Bay City Rollers song! Yes, we were still at school and young....but I'm not quite sure why the bus stop comes into my memory!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, pink and purple seemed to be the colors at the farmers market on Sunday so here is my second bangle this week with these colors.  Two styles of hearts printed in pink with a bright violet/purple background.  Definitely worthy of the title "give a little love". But OK! I confess. It is a little sad that when I looked at the bangle and tried to come up with a name, the first thing that came into my mind was the Bay City Rollers song!

And for all those Bay City Rollers fans - or maybe those who don't even know who they are, here is a quick glimpse!  Check out the tartan (plaid)!!  Maybe this bangle will have to be a gift for my sister, for those happy bus stop memories!!!


vilterietje said...

scottish group? your bangle matches perfectly:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bracelet!! What a flashback in time...I do remember them!! I'm old!

Sue McNenly said...

Oh, how I LOVED them! I used to lay on my bed listening to them and kissing my album cover pretending Les McEwan? was my boyfriend:) Reminds me...I will dowload some songs onto my iPod to go along with Puppy Love, some good old Bobby Sherman, and Tiny Tim.:). Love your bangles:)

Ruth said...

I can just picture you on your bed, with your album cover, Sue!! Perfect!Those heart throbs of days gone by!!!