Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meet my followers: Beth

Bunny bracelet
This week, I'd like to introduce you to Beth Murr.  I think she is a recent follower of my blog and I hadn't come across her work until today, when I came to write this post! But now that I have, I'm very glad.  She does lovely beadwork creating bugs, fish, bees, butterflies.... and needle cases and..

Here's Beth in 2008 at Acadia National Park
She's been working with beads for a long time now, initially beading on a tiny loom.  She is best known for her needle cases, and you can buy her patterns and see her videos on how to make them. Here is lovely collection of some of her needle case patterns:

Of course, the birdhouse one is my favorite of these
I love the honeybee one the best
White rabbit needle case pattern

Beth's website is "Until we bead again" and her blog is

In addition to her needlecase patterns, more recently on her blog, you'll see some other beaded animals and insects made into jewelry:

Buzzy bee bracelet

I can just imagine the wings flapping on these beadwork butterflies. 

All her patterns are instant downloads, so you can get started straight away. She has many free videos too on how to do all the different stitches involved.

In addition to beadwork, Beth also works in clay. These remind me of gargoyles:

When Beth is not busy doing all this creative work, she is a nurse and she has just made the big decision go back to school and get her Master's degree! Good for you Beth.  I hope you still find time to create too! I know how time consuming school can get!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing Beth's work. I love the delicate bead work. I've never done beadwork before and I particularly like to see all the bugs and insects featured in Beth's work.


vilterietje said...

she is a fine artist, i specially love the claywork:)

Mar Bisutería said...

Ohhhh cuanto trabajo tan bonito!!!!

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...

Thank you for this post about me. I am sorry it took me so long to find it. I rarely look at the email you sent it to. Thank You. This was so sweet of you and it looks great.