Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

Here is this week's things that I am grateful for:

Harold, my pet parrot.
  • Fin, my brother in law who celebrated his 60th birthday this week.
  • My friend Marion from Germany who is celebrating her birthday in her new home.
  • My Vitamix.  I bought a Vitamix a few months ago and I absolutely love it.  I use it at least twice a day.  I'm loving my homemade hummus and just now, I made my own cashew nut butter!  And that is in between all the green smoothies I'm making with it!  Yes, it was an expensive machine - but it brings me a lot of joy!
  • The fun of mixing paint colors!  (see yesterday's post)
  • Meeting new friends and catching up with old friends.
  • Getting excited about my sister and her family coming to visit in 2 weeks.
  • Finding some unusual greens at a farm stand - including amaranth, sorrel, purslane....and then finding micro greens at the farmers market - including purple amaranth, sunflower, kale, beets, broccoli.  They were all so colorful with so many shades of green and purples.  A delight to the eyes as well as the taste buds.  It's made me want to try growing some of my own micro greens....
I hope you've had a colorful week too.

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Marly and Angie said...

aahhh...always great to see a picture of Harold....Hello Harold...good boy Harold....wish we could give you a cashew! We're grateful for Harold, too...and his owners!