Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The matched pair

A customer at the farmer's market this week asked me if I could make a cuff for her husband as a gift for their 10th wedding anniversary.  Aluminum is the symbol of the 10th anniversary, so it seemed a good choice.

The symbolism behind it is that aluminum is a flexible but strong metal and a successful marriage needs also to be flexible and durable.

The customer told me that she and her husband like odd numbers, so I did a simple narrow bangle/cuff for him, with black numbers on it. Their partiality for "odd" numbers got me thinking...One of the definitions of "odd" as an adjective, is "being part of a matched pair or set when the other is missing" - as in odd socks!

So "happy anniversary" to Kelly and her husband - the matched pair.


Lora Hart said...

What a lovely sentiment!

vilterietje said...

great thinking! never knew about the aluminium anniversery:)