Monday, July 11, 2011

Inner beauty

I finally got around to creating a bangle for myself!  You may recognise the design as I did a couple like this before, but ended up  selling them! This one is definitely mine.

For a start, my favorite color is lime green so add a bit of teal to that - probably my second favorite color, and a few other greens and this is definitely a happy color bracelet for Ruth!

If you look closely, the design is made up from images for different cells in the body - particularly the gut and intestines. These include glandular epithelial cells, goblet cells, villi and microvilli.  And of course a little artistic license!  Thus the name "Inner Beauty", which actually was my sister's idea.

The bangle is inspiration for my guts - to become beautiful and work a bit better!  Fingers crossed!

It makes me think of zentangle....I like the doodl-ish style and maybe will try some more with other subjects besides cells and guts.  What style would you like to see me make?

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vilterietje said...

this is inner ánd outer beauty:)