Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secret flower

My latest aluminum bangle shows pink Camellias.  I originally was thinking that they looked like chrysanthemums, but now I've decided that they are Camellias - and I love Camellias. 

We have lots of camellias in our garden - all different types - some with just four petals, some with 6 petals and some with loads of petals. 

This pink camellia is obviously a multi-petaled one, like the one shown below:

This type of Camellia is known as a formal double with many rows of petal imbricated (overlapping) in symmetrical form, never showing stamens.

Isn't it amazing how nature arranges everything so perfectly...each overlapping petal in the correct place. Such geometry and design. 

You'll see from the following photo that I also added an extra flower on the inside, for just the wearer to see.

A little secret flower.

1 comment:

vilterietje said...

i have no idea of flowers, to me it looks like a dahlia, but a beautiful dahlia!
ruth, can you send me your adres, because your scarve is ready to send! love, riet