Friday, July 15, 2011

A week of painting

I haven't been making jewelry this week. Instead I've been re-painting a table of ours.  It's a dining table that we use outside but the sunshine/UV rays had taken it's toll on it and the paint was flaking off badly.

The table and chairs were made by Sticks and we have a few of their pieces around the house.  We bought the table when we lived in Sanibel, FL - and it's lovely bright colors certainly suited the sunny seaside island.   But it works well here in CA too.

The repainting of it didn't use a lot of artistic talent. I wasn't creating the pattern myself, only following what was already there.  But I really enjoyed doing it. It was a little bit like "paint by numbers".

It was interesting to follow someone else's style too.  The whole table was first painted black so then all the colors go on top of that.  It reduces the 'glare' from the bright colors and makes a really nice effect.  I'll remember that when I'm next painting something.  So often we think of white as the starting background, but the black gives a really nice effect.

Anyhow, I had fun painting. The chairs were fine so didn't re-painting, but that meant that I had to match up the paint colors so it still all worked together.  I loved having my paper palette and adding a bit of this color, and then a bit of that color......The trickiest part of the project was the writing around the edge of the table - but that's also my favorite part of the table.  It is sweet, happy little phrases - with the best one being "kiss the cook!"

We've now sprayed the table with UV protectant and hopefully it will last a few more years.  Maybe that means the cook will continue to get kisses???? I do hope so :=D xx