Monday, July 25, 2011

Orchid Hush

A few months ago, I bought the book "Colorstrology: What your birthday color says about you". It's a fun book and identifies a color for each day of the year, to corrolate with birthdays and then explains what the color indicates about you and how the color can help you.

My birthday color is Orchid Hush and it is, in fact, a color I like a lot and wear quite often. It's a kind of soft lavender but with a little grey in it.....   Since I found it's my color, I've been wearing more of it - but sometimes what I wear is a little more lavender than "pure" Orchid Hush, aka Pantone 13-3805.

Orchid Hush
This morning I put on an "orchid hush" tee shirt and decided, while I had some aluminum earrings in this color, I didn't have a bangle!

Gosh! What is a girl to do, but make a new bangle for herself! And thus, my birthday bangle was born, with a little pink included too!

The Colorstology book says "How this color benefits you: Your personal color helps you vibrate to your highest frequency.  Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Orchid Hush helps you stay magical and lighthearted as you build your dreams into visions of glory". Now you can see why I had to make this bangle for myself!!! Visions of glory........just bursting to come out!

If you are interested in what your birthday color is, let me know your birthday and I'll check it out.  It's a fun and interesting book by the way.  Worth a browse.  By the way, it says that my compatible birthdays are February 28th, March 28th and December 20th. Let me know if any of those dates are your birthday...


Sue McNenly said...

Awesomesauce! I'm Feb 23....I'm guessing mine is somewhere in the yellowish green family....I would be really interested to find out.

I'd love to hear more about your market experiences...maybe some photo's and stories:)?


Ruth said...

Hi Sue
Your birthday color is Forever Blue Pantone 16-4019: "Provocative; self-assured; Troubleshooter.
You are a good decision maker. People can come to you when they have a problem because they know that you can fix it. You function best in a position of authority, where you have the ability to take care of things. It is important that you are surrounded by people who love and support you.
Your personal color resonates with vision and expansion.

Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Forever Blue helps you stay loving in the face of change an open to new ideas and solutions.
Compatible birthdays April21, May 26, June 26."
Now you'll have to go shopping for some "forever blue" clothes!

Sue McNenly said...

That's so funny only because, typically, blue is my least fav colour! It never seems to 'match' me or 'go with me'. I must rethink that! Just went to see Blue Man Group on must have rubbed off:)

Have a great summer day.

My Computer Tutor said...

Damn! My birthday must be entirely incompatible


Ruth said...

Aha! Your color is Poppy Red, Caulie! And guess what color we chose for our wine label this year. Yes, Poppy Red!!! It's due to be delivered today! Fingers crossed xxxxx