Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jump for Joy!

Here's a new silver birdie that I've just finished which was inspired from my cartooning class.  He's called "Jump for Joy!"

In my class we were looking at expressions and all my drawings of birds had open beaks as it's difficult to show expression on a shut beak.  But I'd never done an open beak in metal clay before - so why not give it a try?

Add to that that my cartooning teacher is always trying to get me to create wings that look more feathery or at least fingerly and thus we got an open beak and open wings to show off his finger feathers.

Yes - there also seems to be an element of surprise in the little guy - so I think someone or somebird has just told him some wonderful news. What do you think?  I'm off to my cartooning class this afternoon so I'll take him along and see what my teacher thinks!

And for all you Joy's out there - how great that people will jump for you!


Easterya said...

Absolutely marvellous!! It makes me want to jump for joy too just by looking at him, his happiness is bursting out, that's a total masterpiece, his expression is SPOT ON!!!

Joy Funnell said...

Aaaah I just love that. How could I not?

Ruth said...

I thought this one might catch your eye, Joy!