Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harold and the Purple Crayon

When my sister and her family were here this summer, we noticed that all of them wore quite a bit of purple.  It's not a color you see very often here in the US.....Then when we went back to England last month, we noticed that all the shops were full of purple!!  No wonder the fam were wearing it! It's I did buy myself a couple of purple sweaters to bring back.....

Fast forward to trying a new technique with coloring anodized aluminum....and out came the purples! And pinks!!!  As I was creating them, with all the different patterns, I thought of the lovely book Harold and the purple crayon.

If you haven't read Harold's book - go and find it now!  It's delightful. It all begins with a little boy Harold deciding to go for a walk in the moonlight and he takes with him his purple crayon......  Perfect for all ages.

And talking of the book....let me briefly digress a little.... A while ago when I was singing in a quartet, we would rehearse at my house and my pet parrot Harold would join in our singing - especially the high notes.  At the time, we contemplated calling ourselves "The Purple Crayons" as we were really just Harold's back up vocals!!  Wouldn't that be a good name?

Anyhow - back to the earrings.....I feel they are somewhat Zentangle-esque?  (assuming you know what Zentangle is?)...... and not that I've ever done any Zentangle before..... Anyhow, I started by coloring and dyeing a large square of aluminum, sealed it and then cut it up in different directions to make the earrings. 

Vibrant colors?  Well, you no longer have to be bold (or old!) to wear purple - it is the season's color!

Wait until the see the Zentangle-esque bracelet I've been working on!  Not purple.....but...


Lana said...

these are amazing!!

Sue McNenly said...

Would you believe that Harold is the ONLY children's book I have on my bookshelf. That book is so incredible. I truly remember looking at it and WISHING that I could be Harold, and that my world was one big drawing.

I really need to come to Napa and have you teach me the anodizing tecnique. Love your pretties.