Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - Lincoln by the Sea


Perhaps a movement ought to be started which would promote an addition to the name of Lincoln and change it to "Lincoln by the sea". Not many folk realise that Lincoln has a wonderful beach, golden sands, seagulls, deckchairs, sandcastles etc. In fact there is most of what you would expect to see in  a place by the sea.

There is much to be said for living in a seaside resort, especially when the beach is so close to the many other attractions that the city offers. It's been good this summer to see so many people using their beach. There have been children busily engaged in building sand castles, parents resting or dozing in deckchairs, ice cream, etc, readily available. So why not come to sunny Lincoln by the sea? The title "by the sea" is a little exaggerated; however, "Lincoln Beach" is not.

Perhaps I ought to confess that most of the photos accompanying this blog are offering views of Cleethorpes rather than Lincoln.  But maybe you can spot the odd one out that is Lincoln? 

This year the city fathers brought a beach to our historic city. They took over a nice open area in the city centre and transported about 60 tons of sand, which was laid out on it and is ideal for playing in and building sand castles with. Deckchairs were provided for parents to sit and read from or doze in; in fact so popular were the deckchairs that more had to be obtained on loan from Skegness.

In all, the beach was a great success and it is hoped to be repeated next year. However, in the dead of one night, the sand and the various sand etceteras were all removed and the Square returned to normality. Normality, that is, until the coming December when, hopefully, a skating rink will take its place.

See you all on Lincoln Beach next year!

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