Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest bloggers

Things are a-changin'.

As you may recall, my Monday guest blogger Jennifer has decided to stop blogging. Her posts here were her trial at blogging to see if she would like it enough to start her own blog.  But she decided it wasn't really her thing as it took up too much time when she wanted to be creating instead.  Anyhow it was great to have our millinery musings.  Thanks Jennifer.

My other guest blogger Marly has gone the other way! She and Angie have set up their own blog - IN AND AROUND STUDIO 28! Yeah! Their first blog post was yesterday so I hope you'll go and take a look at what they have to say and subscribe to their blog, so you can keep up to date. 

It seems great that out of my two guest bloggers, one decided it wasn't for her, and the other decided it was.  Marly will actually keep writing as a guest blogger for me for now - and maybe Angie too?....but if any of you readers want to try your hand at blogging but aren't yet ready to take the plunge for your own blog, do let me know and we can talk about you starting out as a guest blogger here.  I'd be happy to help you get started...or even if you have your own blog and want to be one of my guest bloggers, just let me know....and who knows where it'll lead....

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