Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Birdie story....continued

Last week I posted some photos of a new bronze bird with a silver bird and I asked for your input on their names and what you thought was their story.

Here are the great stories I got back.  Please let me know which is your favorite!

1. Finch and Robin.
"Hi there.. new in town?... I'm're tall and a bit of a different color...interesting..but hey!..birds of a feather...flock together! Nice to meet you Robin!"

2. Piano bar hangouts.
They met at a piano bar during Spring break. Being a bit older, they both had to abandon their beachside digs for the evening because of all the racket caused by the college students. Hitting it off over subjects like Chopin and politics, they eventually sold their nests and settled down together in the forested countryside.

3. Abdulla and Chad.
The taller one is Abdulla, the shorter one is Chad. They're deep in discussion about they're both in Israel at a summer camp for the FFW. Future Friends of the World.

 4. Clyde and Joan.
The taller one is Clyde; the shorter cuter one is Joan. They are old friends who just accidentally met on a street corner in Berkeley. Clyde is currently working on his masters; Joan is a professor.

5.Wit and Pip.
The taller one is Wit, a wise old bird who is listening to Pip who is just leaving the nest, about to go out into the big wide world.

6. Brassy and Serious.
Brassy with the new top curl and anatomical eyelids met up with Serious outside and he said "Hey Babe, how about a walk on the wild side?" as he winked at her.

7. Father and Junior.
Father Feather is listening to Junior Feather's confession. Nods in sympathy but tells Junior to say many, many Hail Marys.

Obviously they are two very intelligent birds, having an in depth conversation.  I love it!  I'll have to make some more and see what you think their story is.  Thanks for joining in!


Haddock said...

Frankly speaking I liked all of them....and the photographs too.

meherio68 said...

I like Wit and Pip best: Pip does look a bit awed and Wit looks... deep.