Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A whale's tale

My brother in law is staying with us at the moment, so we took him to Monterey for a few days and just got back tonight. While we were there, we went on a whale watch trip as he has never seen a whale before.  I love whale watching and seem to do it regularly either from further up the coast in California from the beach or on the East coast or wherever..... just lovely creatures...... and I love listening for the sound from their blowholes.

The trip started with the sealions!  There are so many in Monterey Bay that they are looked on as a nuisance. Ah.....! I have such fond memories of swimming and playing with the sealions when I was in the Galapagos Islands that I can't possibly imagine them being considered anything but playful sweet creatures!
This guy looked like a statue!

Then we saw humpback whales.  As we all know - getting photos of whales is  really tricky - but I did manage to get a few of mouths - as well as the obligatory humpback and a few of nothing but ocean!!!

We also saw a blue whale and then some dolphins on the way back.....and then of course, back to the sea lions!

This one looked sad that we were leaving....or maybe he just wanted a nap?
It seems an odd coincidence that in my new cartooning class just this past week I had to try drawing whales and dolphins! Just really quick sketches which reinforced my belief that I can't draw!!! Then I had to "cartoonize" them -  like this one:

One happy dolphin!
Who knows where this latest whale watch will now take me???

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Sue McNenly said...

Wilbur the whale??? "Go With the Flow"