Friday, October 1, 2010

Gothic Arch - stained "glass" windows

One of the defining characteristics of Gothic architecture is the pointed or ogival arch which evolved from the Roman round topped arch.

As I sit in Grace cathedral each Sunday, where I sing in the choir, I just can't help but look at the stained glass windows.  Most of the windows have what is called an internal tracery made up of small ribbed arches with different pictures or patterns in each.

The colors and indeed the reflections of the colors on the floors and walls of the cathedral are just a delight to behold.

As I arrived a little early last week to sing, I wandered around and just looked at the windows...again...and thus was inspired to capture some of those arches as earrings in silver and using the color anodized aluminum to mimic the look of the stained glass.

I have more to show to you another day of the rose windows but hope you like todays arches.

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Easterya said...

Very neat idea, it works really well!!