Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - Chaos and a mistake


Downhill Lincoln is in chaos. It has been so for the past three weeks and it is forecast that the chaos will  become worse before it begins to improve in about seven weeks time.

I would guess that suddenly money has become available for road improvements and the targeted area is,  what was once, the old Lincoln bypass. Tritton Road used to be a fast road to use to get around or into the city. Over the years though various businesses -- mainly supermarkets and large international stores -- have come to the city and have built access roads to their premises off of Tritton Road.

Three roads off of Tritton Road had been, temporarily, blocked off with another main road due to be closed on 10 November. This has brought chaos to the main arterial road into the city and chaos also to the only other main access to the city centre. The supermarket we go to -- Sainsbury's -- lies off of Tritton Road and is at present undergoing a major overhaul. I was chatting with someone who works in Sainsbury's and he reckons that when the two floor new building is opened it will be the largest Sainbury's store in the country. I have to take his word for that but it is a little surprising that Lincoln could attract the biggest Sainsbury's in the UK!

In the meantime, despite all the alterations, Sainsbury's remains open. Parking is rather a headache. I get the impression that many of yesterday's customers just about find a parking space for their car in time for today!!! Once in the shop you discover a new set of changes there.  Everything in a different place each week!  Every week we seem to be looking in different places for what you want. Next month they are due to close for a week in order to get everything finalised. Judging from the state they are in I can't help feeling that this is more than a little optimistic. Perhaps I'm being a pessimist but then a pessimist is a realistic optimist! I just hope that everything is completed before the Christmas rush begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

We put our clocks back one hour this weekend. Last night I suddenly woke up and thought, "I haven't put the clocks back an hour ". This is one of the major weekends of the year; the one where we have an extra hour lay in. Pam couldn't sleep last night and had gone downstairs to make a cup of tea so I put the light on and took an hour off the radio alarm clock. Fortunately, about an hour later I woke up and realised that it was Friday night and not Saturday night! Back on went the light and the alarm radio was returned to its former state. With a bit of luck we'll get an undisturbed sleep tonight and also the bonus of an  extra hour as well.

There is no relationship between the photos and the blog this week. Just photos. Until I have a look at my stock I don't even know what they will be.


If you live in the UK then I hope you enjoyed your extra hour's sleep.


vilterietje said...

I enjoyed the way you complainabout all the things going on in your hometown. It must take hours to get your messages home, but then again, when the work is finished, your town and shop will be FAN-TAS-TIC!!
Have a nice long Sunday, love,Riet

Patty Biermans said...

Thanx for reminding me about the extra hour. Here in the Netherlands we have also wintertime. Now I can work on my felting longer!!. Greetings... Peebee

Ruth said...

Glad you enjoyed my father's post. He always writes my blog on Sundays!

PeterB said...

Thanks, Reit. Perhaps I shouldn 't have commented. Since we visited Ruth in Cheltenham they've got even more roads up. Hard to believe? It's true. I'm going to be a "stay at home".

PeterB said...


Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed that exta hour. One of the highlights - if not the only one - for playing with the time.