Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - This time of the year


It's about this time of the year that the garden has to be made ready for its winter sleep. It's been rather a mixed year from my garden -- some good features and some not so good.

Our lawns had become very weed and moss ridden over the past few years; so much so that I began to despair of ever being able to rescue them. Earlier in the year a friend of Pam's mentioned a firm who had rescued her garden and we decided to give them a try.

This rescue firm work under the name of "Green Thumb".  They don't cut the grass or dig up the weeds but four times a year they pay a visit and spray the lawn with various mixtures of food and, I suppose, weed killer. The result for us has been the most healthy lawn that we have had here for some years. The weeds and moss have gone and in their place we now have thick rich green grass. Mind you, the grass does grow rather quickly, which means more cutting but then you can't have everything can you!

 A friend of mine, who kindly mowed my lawns whilst Pam and I were in the US this year, mentioned that my garden looked a picture soon after we'd gone away. This was due mainly to the many bedding plants that we had planted in it. Unfortunately for us, but not for our fellow countrymen, we had two or three weeks of hot sun and no rain whilst we were away and so by the time we returned the garden looked a bit parched to say the least. We've just about got it back again now with the annual bedding plants having recovered and doing really well. Pity it has taken so long into the autumn to get it there - frost due pretty soon!!!!!!!!

Just lately there has been a city council, somewhere in the UK, who knocked down all the conkers from horse chestnut trees in case someone injured themselves whilst collecting them. When I was a boy knocking conkers off a tree was regarded as great seasonal fun with the prospect in the future of countless games of conkers with school friends.  Now children aren't allowed to play conkers at school -- another health and safety dictate or just a headteacher feeling it best to play safe?


We'll all be required to wear suits of armour soon!
This week's photos are of the beautiful wall tiles in All Saints Church, Lincoln.

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